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The Mechanics and there's breakdancing and rapping involved. Some native island guides lead The Governor and his men in hunting the women down. New World Pictures handled the 1973 theatrical playdates in the United States. Carroll Baker is downright nasty as Hazel. It's hard to get excited about a film when the acting is horrendous (the two girls who portray the young Sugar and Bobbylee are so aggravating, you'll soon be begging for them to be hung on Jebediah's meat hooks) and the action is so poorly. Sherry (Kathleen Archer the temporary leader of the group (their leader, Simon, is away on business falls in love with Bobby who is laid up in b ed nursing a sore ass. It's the 1820's in Edinburgh, Scotland and two warring doctors,. This is nothing but a "best of" collection of scenes from the two earlier films, which shared many of the same actors (Steffan, Ajita Wilson and Cristina Lai whose hairstyles and clothing change from scene-to-scene.

When I think of good 70's exploitation, BIG BAD mama immediately comes to mind. Director Michael Pressman ( D octor detroit - 1983; teenage mutant ninja turtles II - 1991) clearly knows how to please the audience, as he doles out nudity, comedy and action in equal amounts. Made in 1974, but not released until 1976. Also known as savage terror. While Bill is cleaning the house, he notices a huge walk-in freezer in the basement and he starts getting ideas. the pool orgy and Danny and Gwen's walk through Times Square. The only thing I felt here was pity.

Slut Bobbie (Dina Ousley) and virginal Pam get into a catfight when Pam calls her a bitch, just as the three bikers arrive on the scene. Captain von Stolzen sends his troops out to find them, but Lexman and his men prove to be much tougher than the Captain expected. The screenplay, by Norman Wexler ( JOE - 1970; RAW deal - 1986 is full of exploitable elements, including rape, prostitution, slavery, castration and whippings, but it could have been a lot more sleazier than it turned out. Burn's office and tells him he quits (He says to Burns, "You're a porno maker. The Godfather punishes the man he thinks is responsible for Musumeci's death (He is also on Interpol's payroll and wanted Musumeci alive) by throwing him in an incinerator and watching him burn alive. The opening and closing credits are written in an old book with flipping pages. At the end the Reaper gathers all his victims together and shows them what is in store for them: A burning eternity in Hell. If the whole film looks and sounds like some extended neon-soaked music video, it because director Dominic Orlando was responsible for music videos for the likes of Berlin, Kansas, Diana Ross, Celine Dion and New Kids On The Block.


I guess love is blind, as well as stupid. . When the killer sees his face on the TV news the next morning, he cuts and dyes his hair and shaves off his beard. then punches Kevin's new girlfriend Annette  (Tammy Taylor) in the nose in the school parking lot Bitch! I won't spoil it for you, except to say it's not a happy ending. Watch Chris fuck a goat and then slit it's throat after Celia turns him down for sex! THE time traveller - 1981 blind date (1984 skyhigh (a.k.a. Rachel (Cristina Castro) is found by the men and is shot over and over in her extremities by shotgun blasts, so she's still alive when the men have stopped firing. Director Steve Carver ( THE arena - 1973; capone - 1975; lone wolf mcquade - 1983) knows exactly what audiences craved, sparing no excuse to get the women (including Angie Dickinson) naked as much as possible. The skipper arrives and gets the drop on Troy and they are transported by boat to another island where they are led to the futuristic (for 1969) base of the Chief (Tina Brown).

Scripter Zimmerman puts in constant swipes at religion in this film, highly unusual for an exploitationer. but an old woman named Taima (Prasitsak Singhara) speaks English, explaining to John that she was kidnapped by the tribe years before when she was walking in the jungle. He tries to calm her down by saying, "I like the scent of you! Pirates take over a luxury cruise ship, robbing the passengers of all their money and jewels and raping all the pretty females they come in contact with. When Mino sees his dead son, he wants revenge and offers 1,000 for every "bitch" that the hillbilly locals kill. A Video Gems Release.

I'm a big fan of Westerns (especially Spaghetti Westerns) and this film would make a great companion piece with CUT throats nine (1972 a Spanish Western with plenty of gory scenes. Four Leaf Clover dresses up as the Devil and Loredana dresses as a nun. When Septimus decides to kill Timarchus on his own and fails (losing his life in the process). They are now mindless deformed creatures (who resemble a scarred Zippy the Pinhead with a flashing light in the middle of the forehead!) who kidnap victims for the doctors sexual experiments. Dryden Arnsberger) and good-old-boy Buddy (Lou Perryman,.k.a. Even more amazing is that Jerry Jameson directed it; he's better known as one of the Kings of the Made-For-TV-Movie, still directing them up to this day, and infrequently venturing out for some innoculouus theatrical films, like THE BAT people (1974 airport '77 (1977) and. Heather marries retard Albert (he doesn't even know how to kiss the bride when the priest announces "I now pronounce you man and wife. Tania begs Dobermann to have sex with her, knowing full well that Herr Erner is watching and will become jealous. And their friends enjoying abusing cocaine, marijuana and booze and going about their daily business of dealing drugs.

She had come forward to save Mose, feeling he would rather die than tell the truth, fearing being called a hypocrite with his religious convictions and all. Alas, his freedom is short-lived, as he steps on a rotten plank on a catwalk and falls to his death. While the final gun battle is violent (Jayne Kennedy's death on a suspension bridge is memorable it takes forever to get there (the film's running time of 82 minutes seems twice as long). Don't waste your time. 1932 rural Texas: Wilma McClatchie (Angie Dickinson) is tired of living the poor life with her two daughters, sexually promiscuous Billy Jean (Susan Sennett; THE candy snatchers - 1973) and dumb-as-a-fencepost Polly (Robbie Lee; switchblade sisters - 1975). The film's biggest weakness is the choppy editing by future director Segundo Ramos ( deadly commando - 1982; death raiders - 1984 as scenes begin and end with little rhyme or reason, especially the sudden appearance of the pirates on the island (Where did they. The acting is not that bad, though.

When a white woman, Nancy Poteet (Linda Evans is raped by a black man in Atoka County, Alabama, the town's sheriff, Track Bascombe (Lee Marvin tries to keep the peace between the county's black and white citizens, with disasterous results. They are being put in a wing of the prison where they keep the most dangerous criminals but, as they are having their handcuffs removed, Crazy Boy and Blade take the Warden and a female guard hostage and threaten to kill them unless Harrison turns. At's a hard choice!). They can all see the writing on the wall (Cleo is captured by the police, but is rescued by the midgets so they plan one more big heist, a bank robbery, after which they all plan to go on their separate ways. Pasha also takes an interest in young buck Nathan Jones (Curtis Price his little brother Billy (Terry Ransom) already works for Pasha, his betting slips are inside the bags of potato chips, joking "That boy sure eats a lot of potato chips!" (Both Nathan and. This film actually makes a strong political statement about patriotism and the willingness to suffer greatly for your cause. Both Perry King ( search AND destroy - 1979) and Roddy McDowall ( THE legend OF hell house - 1973) are terrific, as is Timothy Van Patten ( zone troopers - 1985; now an Emmy-winning TV director and writer) as the punk born with. "Sandra Cassel" of last house ON THE left - 1972 who tells Danny that all she does is give massages with no sex and it is love at first sight (Check out the wallpaper in Gwen's apartment!).

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